Yesterday we had a despidata for me… We all went to Inasal, a chicken place, and all the Agape girls, most of the older girls, and four of the little kids came with us.  It was such a good time — Philippino “fast food” that you eat with your hands!  I was smiling and tearing up at the same time.  The little ones LOVED our outing!  We went to the Inasal at the mall, so the kids were running around and sliding on the waxed floors (floors here are much more slippery…)

Afterwards the Agape girls and I went to youth group!  I am going to miss them so much…I don’t want to leave! After youth group a visiting couple took us out for ice cream at McDonalds (why are the McDonalds in other countries so much better than the ones in the US?!).

It was a really good day…I got a lot done, and I was so glad to be able to hang out with the kids and the girls.  I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow morning — I don’t want to!

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